6 February 2018

A PR writing test usually takes place either in between the first and second interview or during the second interview itself; so congratulations on making it this far! Whether it’s a press release, a proof reading exercise or a response to a brief, interviewers are looking for creativity, attention to detail and how well you can write under pressure; so performing well is key!

Within PR, the most common form of writing test is a press release, either for a made up client or an old client, and is typically timed to assess your writing style and how well you can write under a time constraint. A press release is essentially just a statement companies prepare to distribute to the media, so make sure to write your press release with the media in mind. When writing a press release, try and answer all the ‘W’ questions (who, what, where, when and why) and end your press release with a quote (for the purpose of a writing test, simply make up a convincing quote from someone who could be involved in the story).

However, more often than not, candidates are being asked to create a campaign in response to a made up brief to showcase creativity. For this task, make sure you read the document carefully – they will be looking for accuracy in writing, creative thinking and the ability to create interesting news angles. During your second interview, you will often be expected to chat through your ideas and your reasons behind them, so do make sure to give this consideration!

A proof reading exercise is pretty straightforward. You will be given an article and asked to correct the grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Some of these will be really obvious, but others, especially grammatical errors, will be made harder to find, so ensure you read it very slowly.

Good luck! 


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