18 September 2017

If you were to ask me six months ago if I thought I would be working for the duration of the summer, I would have laughed and firmly said ‘no’. I had plans involving a lot of sun, sand and sangrias, not spending a good three and a half months in an office. However, as the summer crept closer, I figured out that the student loan would no way stretch anywhere near my fantasies and reality hit. I got in touch with a lot of catering companies, hoping that that would keep me busy and earning, yet I was not really overjoyed with the prospect of wearing unflattering trousers and carrying trays for 9 hour shifts six days a week. Taking all of that into consideration, I emailed Ros in hope that I could have a week of work experience, similar to that I had had a couple summers ago, and she was kind enough to offer me the whole summer!

Even though, I am seemingly a fully functioning human being, this being my first job, I stumbled over a couple of hurdles. When I was propositioned with answering the phone for the first time - I definitely failed by answering with a blunt, loud “HELLO?!” With this destructive introduction, I further managed to not follow any of the instructions I had been given- therefore making it an unsuccessful conversation for both caller and everyone else in the office.  I can say now, that in my three months, I have improved.

Entering the PR recruitment world through JFL was welcoming, fun and interesting; an experience that I do not think many other interns would gain at other companies. I wasn’t treated like an underdog but thrust into the heat of it, which for me was great. I have gained knowledge about the structure of PR, salaries and how a candidate can be terribly niche but still manage to get a fantastic job. Overall, I have learnt that PR recruitment is filled with anticipation and that not one person has the same expectations as another, including candidate, client and recruiter. It is really strategic people work and it involves a lot more patience and insight than one would have thought. It has really given me a chance to fully immerse myself in the working world, at a level which I don’t expect many people in their first job would get.

In the last three months I have become much more dependent on coffee, fully understood the pain of ‘burning the candle at both ends’ and re-enacted the card scene from ‘Love Actually’ with a candidate phone call. I am now quite upset to be leaving everyone at JFL, and going back to the normality of Uni life. I enjoyed every moment of it- even the very long candidate lists! I am already looking forward to next summer (if they take me back….!)

Thank you everyone at JFL for the most amazing summer and for some peculiar but equally fantastic memories!



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