Q3 Trends & Q4 Predictions

6 October 2017

With the final quarter of the year upon us, it’s time to look back on our Q3 trends and make our predictions for Q4.


Much like Q2, Q3 has continued to see a tremendous increase of in-house opportunities. This has been particularly apparent at manager level, however, we have also had a number of companies wanting to use us for junior in-house recruitment too. Despite the number of in-house roles increasing across the industry as a whole, we have especially seen an increase within the property, corporate, financial services and technology sectors; proving companies are keen to expand their teams now a reasonably quiet quarter is over.

It’s a Graduate’s game

There was a real appetite to hire throughout Q2 and this continued into Q3 also. Over the summer months, companies saw an opportunity to expand the junior end of their teams as graduates bid farewell to university life and began searching for their first graduate role. This meant that there were a number of jobs at graduate and Account Executive level across the board.


Throughout Q3, the property, financial services, technology and corporate sectors have become increasingly busy, with companies looking to recruit at all levels within both agencies and in-house. There has been a real decline of consumer brands looking to recruit, suggesting that more consumer brands could be taking their PR in-house.

In addition, we have seen a real lack of freelance positions throughout Q3, possibly due to it generally being a quieter quarter with decision makers being out of office over the summer months. Similarly, the Public Affairs sector has been very quiet in the last quarter ahead of conference season and Brexit talks, however, we predict that this will pick up in Q4 once conference season is over.

JFL had a relatively busy third quarter and we had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands across many sectors; sport, entertainment, global technology, start-ups and professional services firms despite Q3 being quieter than previous quarters. Unfortunately, we have struggled to recruit talent for JFL, but will continue to look for top candidates throughout Q4 as we are keen to expand our team.

Q4 Predictions

December is a considerably shorter month with people out of office for Christmas and New Year, meaning that throughout October and November, there is often a real surplus of roles as companies see an opportunity to hire before Christmas and candidates come back from their summer holidays having contemplated their careers and begin looking for a new role. We predict that a similar outcome will occur this year, meaning we will need to prepare for a busy couple of months ahead of us. Despite there being very few consumer roles in Q3, we predict that this will change in Q4 as Christmas is a peak time for consumer PR.

Due to Q4 being shorter than Q3, we will need to work extremely hard to achieve our growth target, but with the party season creeping up on us, JFL are keen to have fun and be highly successful throughout Q4, especially with our rebrand and new website launch coming up in 2018!  

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