28 November 2017

With Christmas around the corner, you may be wondering what you can do to nab a promotion. We’ve asked the people who make the decisions, and the results make for an interesting read!


What this constitutes varies greatly, but a good way to tackle this is to think about what your role entails, come up with ways to go a little bit beyond this and do so! Perhaps you’re a whizz at PowerPoint – could you offer your services to the business development team to give their pitches an edge? Maybe your manager has given you a project to work on – maybe you could put in a few extra hours and finish it that little bit sooner? If your boss feels you are going above and beyond the call of duty, you will be rewarded for your commitment and cooperation.


Think helpful, collaborative and positive – basically all the constructive things an employee can be. Go to work with a great attitude, and your boss is very likely to look favourably upon you when it comes to promotions.


It isn’t surprising that if you are reliable, you’re more likely to progress quickly within your career. This covers everything from arriving at work on time, to performing well under pressure. Being promoted as recognition of your abilities is also very common and goes back to exceeding expectations. If you are able to do your job, whilst also going above and beyond to help and progress the company, then you’ll progress quicker too.


The least likely reasons to promote someone are equally as telling as the most common. Length of employment was the least important factor, showing that if communications professionals can demonstrate a can-do attitude, they will progress quickly, regardless of how they’ve been at a company. The second most unimportant factor was promoting someone in order to boost morale and to encourage retention – encouragingly, only a small number of people say they do this. Last but not least, someone’s management capabilities and their ability to hit KPI’s came out as only partly influential. 

So the next time you feel like you’re close to promotion, take a good attitude and willingness to go the extra mile to work – you’ll be promoted in no time. 

The results from our 2017 Salary Survey will be available for request from 8th January 2018. 

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