International Women's Day: 5 Empowering Campaigns

8 March 2017

International Women’s Day occurs each year to celebrate and support the political and social achievements of women across the world, and raise awareness of gender equality. This year’s International Women’s Day calls on people to #BeBoldForChange , in order to forge a more inclusive, gender equal world. The day offers a fantastic opportunity to appreciate, encourage and honour the inspirational work and achievements of women across the globe.

The day also presents excellent opportunities for big brands, corporations and organisations to get involved and show their support with motivational campaigns. Here are five of our favourites:

Kristen Visbal's The Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street. Courtesy of Logan Hasson via Instagram.

The Fearless Girl - Wall Street

statue of a little girl was placed in front of New York’s Wall Street Charging Bull by asset management firm State Street Global Advisors to challenge the ‘traditionally male environment’ of the industry on International Women’s Day. The bronze statue was strategically placed to promote gender diversity on Wall Street, celebrating people who have resisted by staying in place, and encouraging conversation and debate surrounding the role of in women in the workplace. 

Procter & Gamble

P&G have launched their #WeSeeEqual campaign to advocate gender equality and defy the idea that men and women must conform to traditional gender roles and stereotypes. The quotes in the video such as ‘science doesn’t care who studies it’, ‘households don’t care who heads them’ and ‘fears don’t care who conquer them’, hone in on the message of International Women’s Day and reiterate a gender neutral approach. P&G have had many successful campaigns including their infamous #LikeAGirl campaign which was renowned for its empowering message to women.


Vodafone have decided to embrace International Women’s Day by giving away 2GB of data to women for the day. This uncapped gift from Vodafone India is part of their #ConnectedSheCan campaign which is aimed at digitally connected women - and that’s not all! Vodafone are having a week-long celebration and plan to announce more offers and events, and are even launching the fourth edition ‘Women of Pure Wonder’ book. The book pays tribute to women who have paved their own success and have become an inspiration to others.

Image via Tinder &


Tinder are renowned for spreading the message of love, and to incorporate their romantic abilities with International Women’s Day, they’ve launched the #FundHerCause campaign.  By Tweeting @Tinder with a cause close to your heart, such as health or education, and using #FundHerCause, Tinder will send you a code to unlock a $100 donation to a charity of your choice on, up to the value of $250,000. The campaign aims to encourage donations to female-focused charities and organisations, in order to empower and unite women worldwide.


To celebrate International Women’s Day, Google have put together a doodle slideshow that features 13 pioneering women who have all had great success in their particular fields and challenged the historical female stereotype. We have selected a few from the list that particularly stood out, with the first being Miriam Makeba - a South African singer and civil rights activist who overcame oppression and an abusive marriage to win a Grammy for her jazz music. Nelson Mandela said that ‘her music inspired a powerful sense of hope in all of us.’ Another was Sally Ride- an American astronaut who became the first American woman to go to space in 1983. Their campaign aims to show the important and often unnoticed roles that women have played throughout history, and recognise their importance and achievements.

These campaigns are hugely empowering and inspiring, and demonstrate how brands can effectively support International Women’s Day, celebrating the fantastic achievements of women around the world whilst demonstrating their commitment to closing the gender pay gap and resolving inequality. 

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