Graduate Recruitment: What can you expect?

2 March 2017

Being a recruitment consultant at JFL is giving me exposure to a whole host of experiences. I am learning diplomacy skills, negotiation techniques and relationship management expertise whilst working alongside a proactive and fun-loving team.

I applied to be a Graduate Trainee after graduating from University, and was then offered a permanent position having discovered a company in which my eyes were being opened to an exciting and challenging industry, and where I was also gaining fantastic transferable skills.

The thing I enjoy most about recruitment is developing relationships with both clients and candidates on a daily basis. I receive great job satisfaction when I am able to place a candidate in a role that ticks many boxes on their job checklist.  

Telling a candidate that an agency won’t be progressing with their application, or telling a client that a candidate has decided to take another job is one of the elements of my role I find challenging. When both a candidate and client have put effort in to interviews and then the process doesn’t end with a positive outcome, you can’t help but feel disappointed for both parties.  

When I get in to the office in the morning, I check my e-mails and update my to-do list then deal with anything that is urgent. I try to split my day in to one hour slots, focusing on the different elements of my role: interviewing candidates, taking briefs, arranging interviews, passing on interview feedback, headhunting, and business development. One day is never like the next; being a recruitment consultant often throws unexpected obstacles and problems which you have to overcome, but conversely also trains you well to expect the unexpected.

Spending a day with the JFL team is one of the most rewarding aspects of my role. Everyone is supportive, helpful, encouraging and the office is often filled with laughter. We also have some great socials, enjoying spending non-work-related chat hours together!

We are always looking for exceptional and ambitious individuals to join our team. If you're interested in a starting a career in recruitment, please contact Managing Director Edwina Goldman -, and follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Instagram to stay up to date with our latest opportunities.