How to attract & retain top PR talent

15 March 2017

You’ve done the hard work of finding the best people for your company, building a solid team of PR and communications professionals – the next hurdle is keeping them on board.

In the competitive and ever-changing PR and communications market, professionals are able to pick and choose their next opportunity with ease. With candidates firmly in the driving seat, it is vital that companies communicate with their employees and ensure that they are creating an engaging and positive environment.

So, how can employers ensure that their top talent is retained?

Clear career progression

Our 2016 Salary Survey found that 54.9% of PR professionals see a clear route for career progression as the main reason for committing to their employer. JFL can confirm that one of the main reasons people come to us looking for a new opportunity is that they can’t see past their current role to the next step – they’ve reached a glass ceiling and feel they have nowhere to go. If your team members know exactly where they can progress to and how, they will be much more likely to remain at the company.

Salary increase

Unsurprisingly, another key factor in retaining employees is offering a salary increase. Money is a very emotive subject – candidates will often be very clear with us that they are looking for more money, but this doesn’t always translate to discussions and communication with their manager. As long as someone is given fair and frequent pay reviews, and managers are open to frank discussions, inadequate pay can be avoided as a key factor in someone’s decision to leave.

Feeling valued

This one is harder to quantify, but if an employee feels as if their work is appreciated by their employer, they will naturally develop a sense of worth which will make less likely to search for a new company. Our Salary Survey found that 28% of PR professionals saw this as a key reason for maintaining commitment to their employer, and the rising importance of internal communications practises within companies reflects the need for staff to feel engaged and appreciated.


This factor is linked to clear career progression. If someone feels they have unjustly missed out on a promotion, frustration will often mount and stimulate a job hunt. Obviously it is not always possible to promote people, even if they merit it, but as long as open discussions are had around the subject and expectations are managed, a lack of promotion shouldn’t become a sore point.

Work-life balance

If your employees are working from dusk until dawn, they will most likely be unhappy with their work-life balance. This factor can often be easily rectified by offering flexible working hours, or the creation of a supportive and collaborative company culture which openly puts its employees first.

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