How to stay motivated at work when it's sunny outside

23 June 2017

Although sunny days in London are far and few between, there is the rare occasion when the sun offers us days of glorious golden rays. It’s great, for those that are free; but rather frustrating for those trapped in an office!

Instead of feeling the warmth on your face, you’re left green with envy peering out the window at groups of people with their ties off and rosé in hand. Meanwhile, you’re sat in your jumper, suffering from the effects of the temperamental AC, trying not to lose focus on the task at hand.

We’ve come up with a few tips to help you stay ahead of the game when the sunshine hits!

1.       Get out there

If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to work from home, make the most of the stunning weather by setting up outside. Pitch a spot in the garden and soak up those rays.

2.       Set goals

For those of us who are easily distracted, a little structure to our days can help keep us on the straight and narrow. Write a list of things to do at the beginning of the day, highlighting any urgent tasks.

3.       Enjoy your time off

Working long hours and the occasional weekend is the start of a downward spiral. Weekends are there for a reason; to re-energise, relax, socialise and have fun! Spend time with your family and friends, creating a healthy balance between work and play.

4.       Enjoy small summer pleasures

Al fresco lunches and ice creams aren’t just for the fun-employed! Get outside during your lunch break; take a walk in the park or treat yourself to a Magnum. These little actions give you a break and can be very energising for the brain!

5.       Offer flexible hours

Summer months can seem extremely long for those with children and family who have long school holidays. Employers may find that their staff are happier when given the option to work flexible hours/ from home. Often as a result, productivity is increased.

6.       Stay hydrated

Lack of water can leave you feeling lethargic and dehydrated. Studies have shown that we consume a lot more water when drinking from a bottle with a straw, rather than our usual glass of water. So make sure you pop into your local shop this lunchtime and invest in a water bottle!

7. Organise team events 

Whether its drinks on a Friday or a picnic in the park one lunchtime, team events are the perfect way to boost office morale. Get your team together to socialise to keep the workplace motivation on track!

8.  Happy & healthy self 

It is well known that our diet and exercise regime impact our mood hugely. There is a large connection between healthiness and productivity so it’s important to make it a priority. Suggest free fruit at work and make sure you do a little bit of exercise every day, even if it’s just a light 20 minute walk. 

9. Workout Outside 

Sitting inside all day at your desk can be depressing when the sun is shining on the other side of the wall! Instead of heading to your gym after a long day at the office, take your workout outside. Run home or go for a swim in the local lido to ensure you’re getting your daily dose of Vitamin D!

10.  Make Plans 

This is the time to be taking some of your holiday. Whether you just nip across to the sunny beaches of Europe, a week of tanning, relaxation and indulgence might be just what you need to keep you motivated.

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