23 June 2017

Job interviews play a key role in deciding whether the company and candidate will make a successful match. We have put together 10 smart questions to help boost your chances of being successful in a PR interview.

1.       What does PR mean to you?

This question is a good indicator of the candidates approach and mindset towards PR as there are so many aspects to the field.

 2.       In what direction do you see the public relations industry heading?

Shows that you are thinking about the future and that you are interested in other people’s views within in the industry.

 3.       How would you describe the company atmosphere?

It is important to get the feel of what the company that you are applying for is like and that it suits your personality and working style.

 4.       What personality characteristics are most important to be successful in PR?

Of course different personality traits are important in different sectors of PR. This is quite a good question to ask as you can analyse for yourself whether your personality would suit the role in question.

 5.       How can small start-ups compete with big full-service agencies when it comes to integrated campaigns?

This question gives the interviewer the opportunity to talk about the challenges facing their business. This will grab their attention as you are giving them the chance to talk about themselves.

 6.       If I were to start tomorrow, what would be the top priority on my to-do list?

This question gives you insight into the current state of the position and shows that you are interested and invested in learning how to kick start things in the role.

 7.       What do you like best about working here?

Employers appreciate the chance to reflect on their own opinions and it turns the interview process into more of a conversation.

8.       How do you see this role evolving as the company grows?

This shows the interviewer that you are trying to see what your future would be like and is telling if they don’t have a sense of the role long term.

9.       I was fascinated to read X about you/ your company, how did you deal with that?

Employers are impressed when candidates have read up on the company and done some research into their recent activity. It allows the candidate to show off their knowledge of the industry and express their views.

 10.   How will you support my professional development in the role, as I consider this an opportunity for both me and your organisation to advance?

This shows that the candidate is thinking about commitment to professional development, expressing that they want to be successful, which in turn will benefit the organisation. Both work hand in hand.