The Importance of Client Meetings

9 January 2017


In an age of computer screens and digital communication, it’s easy to get swept away and forget the true value of face-to-face contact. Meetings are so often held in a bad light, refusing to shake away associations of nerves, stress, and the age old question ‘can’t this be done over email?’

The power of a client meeting should never be underestimated – they provide an invaluable opportunity to build long-lasting rapport, develop a full understanding of how each party operates and indicate the best way to work together in the future.

At JFL, we aim to meet all of our clients face-to-face, to ensure that we fully understand the individual requirements and expectations of each. We work across a huge range of sectors within the communications industry, from world-renowned brands to FTSE 100 corporates to leading and boutique agencies, and every company has a unique vision and ethos.

From a recruitment perspective, a client meeting is an essential part of the process, as it allows us to engage with the company culture, understanding who our candidates will be meeting and working with, what kind of working environment they offer, what the role entails, what types of candidates would be a good fit, and what the company privileges in terms of values and experience.

For us, the benefits of these meetings are endless, as it allows us to hand-pick the most suitable and appropriate candidates for the role, and develop a solid relationship with each and every client. On the other hand, it also allows our clients to realise exactly who and what they are looking for, and the high standard of service that we offer.

Here are our 3 top tips for delivering an effective client meeting:

1.       Preparation – Do your research

2.       The meeting - know what you want to achieve, and the most effective way to get there

3.       After the meeting – follow up and build rapport

Holding effective client meetings is a vital skill in the workplace, and one that everyone can learn. It starts with preparation, ends with professional follow-up, and finishes with a long-lasting relationship and business leads.

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