Q2 Trends & Q3 Predictions

7 August 2017

We’re firmly into the third quarter of this year, so let’s take a look at the popular trends of Q2 and our predictions for what Q3 will bring.

Q2 Trends

It’s a Candidate’s World

Throughout Q2, the PR and Communications industry was full of high level, talented candidates who knew exactly what they wanted from a role, making it a very competitive field. This led to the market becoming extremely candidate driven with candidates often declining job offers if it didn’t match their aspirations. Due to such a high calibre of clients, we found that clients purposefully made prompt decisions in order to accommodate for candidates. Generally, candidates had a lot more choice over their career paths in Q2, with flexible working becoming increasingly popular.

Increase of In House

Q2 has seen a tremendous increase of in-house opportunities at all levels compared to Q1. At senior levels, we’ve noticed that approximately 95% of senior candidates would like their next role to be in house after previously having worked within agencies. There has also been a significant increase of interest at junior and mid-levels for in house positions despite it being harder for junior level candidates to land an in house role.

Busy Market

With a plethora of high-calibre candidates, it came as no surprise that there was also a real appetite to hire throughout Q2. Our mid-level roles remained busy and we saw an increase in the number of senior level roles available compared to Q1. In a bid for growth we also saw an increase in the number of Junior and Graduate level roles available, with companies wanting fresh talent to help expand their teams.

Q3 Predictions

We hope that the market will remain strong throughout Q3 despite Brexit and government uncertainties causing companies and candidates to feel uncomfortable over potential change. Inevitably, hard-work will be a necessity if we want to remain successful as unfortunately there are fewer high-quality candidates compared to Q2. Whilst changes in government and Brexit continue, we will see client budgets for new hires remain modest, thus we will need to focus largely on networking in order to target a broader range of candidates and clients. Finally, with continued movement in the market, we predict that there will be a strong mix of both in house and agency roles.  

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