10 Things we love about August!

1 August 2017

Although July felt slightly more like October, we can welcome August in with open arms and really let it feel like summer is here. August has got so much to offer, that you need not be jealous of “INSERT FRIEND’S NAME” pool shots in Paxos on Instagram.

1. CARNIVAL TIME!! (August Bank Holiday)

Apply the glitter, multi-coloured bomber jacket and head to Notting Hill. With a parade, music around every corner and huge amounts of food and drink, your bank holiday weekend could not be any better.


Day trip or a long weekend, head down to the coast for some sun, sand and a Mr Whippy. Camber Sands in East Sussex, Brighton or Botany Bay in Kent offer white sands and clear water only a train journey away. However, if you feel like a tube ride will suffice, head to the Hampstead beach, right here in London!

3. JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR (Open Theatre Regents Park)

'Jesus Christ Superstar' returns for 2017 in the decadent surroundings of Regent Park. Why not enjoy Declan Bennett and Tyron Huntley as Jesus and Judas and indulge in a picnic with strawberries, sandwiches and white wine. It is reported to be both ruggedly masculine and flamboyantly fabulous at the same time, without overt contradiction or knowingness. What more could you ask for?


According to my Googling all drink events in August have a common feature- Gin. So taking that into consideration, I fully suggest you attend the Telegraph’s Gin Experience on the 1st of August and the Gin Festival in the Tobacco docks on the 25th of August and became a connoisseur! If gin is not your thing and tea is, well, more your ‘cup of tea’, Shoreditch is holding a tasting tour on the 12th of August.


Have you ever thought of kayaking on the Thames? Get the chance to see London in a completely different light, whilst getting in some great exercise that you can unquestionably rave about later. There will definitely be an Insta-worthy shot available!

6. CROQUET AND COCKTAILS (Skylight, Tobacco Dock)

Want to upgrade from the group activity of bowling and the pub on a Friday night? How about croquet and cocktails? On a rooftop with a plethora of street food and drinks, who knew croquet could be so chic!

7. QUEER BRITISH ART (Tate Britain)

The Tate Britain has put on an exhibition embracing queer British art, featuring such homosexual artists such as Pre-Raphaelite painter Simeon Solomon and abstract artist Keith Vaughan. They have focussed on the themes of ‘concealment’ and ‘hiding in plain sight’ in addition to featuring portraits of prominent LGBT figures such as Oscar Wilde and Drag Queen Jimmy Slater.


If you have children or want to embrace your inner child and have a day of screaming, laughing and eating cotton candy; look up all the amazing offers that theme parks like Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures and Alton towers have during the summer.


The IAFF world championships are being held in London this summer, from the 4th-13th August. They are being held in London’s Queen Elizabeth Park ad it will be the last chance to see Usain Bolt in action! Take your camera and be amazed by some world class athletes.


If work gets a little bit too much, or you feel that you may be on the verge of cabin fever take a sneak peak of the amazing deals that last minute flight deals can offer. Fly to Malta, Magaluf or Crete or take the Eurostar for a little stroll in Paris for next to nothing (when it comes to your sanity/tan.)

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