Recruitment: How did I end up here?

14 November 2016

Recruitment: How did I end up here?

I’m going to be honest with you – I never set out to work in recruitment.

I left university in 2009 full of ideas about working in publishing, and came across JFL as a recruitment consultancy that – at the time – placed people into this industry. On a whim I applied for their internship, and almost seven years later I am still working here, my most recent title being Brand & Marketing Manager.

So why did I stay when this was not the career I was aiming for? The answer is simple: JFL opened my eyes to an exciting, rewarding and at times challenging job which has given me more transferable skills than I can shake a stick at.

First up, recruitment. It’s addictive. Once you’ve made your first placement, and a grateful graduate is thanking you for your help, you don’t want to stop. At JFL you immediately get given huge and varied responsibilities – no two days are the same, meaning that it is impossible to become bored. From meeting amazing clients (a personal highlight was visiting a Maggie’s cancer support centre) to getting right to the bottom of a candidates’ motivations for looking for a new job, you are constantly talking to engaging people. Sure, there are difficult times; diplomacy is certainly a skill I have acquired. But any hard work or tricky situations are invariably resolved, bringing with them a massive sense of achievement.

Secondly, JFL itself. It’s been like an extended family to me. I have felt supported, encouraged and trusted from day one. The environment is not that of a typical recruitment company – there is no competition hanging in the air, and everyone genuinely wants their colleagues to succeed. We pride ourselves on providing a 5* service to our clients, and this just makes the whole process of recruitment enjoyable and not at all like a sales role. The team always work hard, but ultimately know how to have fun too. I’ve had the privilege of attending the PR Week Awards an incredible seven times, and our Christmas parties are the stuff of legends.

Perhaps the best thing about JFL is the fact that they allow you to almost mould your own role. I have a passion for writing, so have been able to get involved in and ultimately manage the company’s marketing, which has been a great experience. If you have a passion for public affairs, you could become the JFL public affairs specialist. If you love talking to freelancers, you could take charge of that desk. The possibilities are endless, and all ideas are listened to.

So would I recommend a career in recruitment? In a heartbeat. If I had my time again I would absolutely allow myself to grow and develop at JFL. After almost seven years of recruitment and recently marketing experience I feel ready to take on a new challenge in Newcastle (the first one perhaps being the sudden plummet in temperature!) armed with the amazing skills and memories I’ve forged here.

Rebecca Maxted - JFL Search & Selection. 

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