Work Experience at JFL

24 June 2016

When thinking about work experience, I felt reluctant to put myself in a position that to me was very daunting. Sitting within a company not really knowing what to do and worrying about disturbing the working office was not appealing and worried me hugely.  However, as soon as I arrived the team at JFL eliminated any of these worries.  They all were very friendly and made me feel comfortable within their office very quickly. My desk was right in the mix of the team allowing me to quickly pick up the different aspects of the company and everyone was willing to lend me a hand to learn the ropes.

For someone having no previous knowledge about recruitment I now have a solid knowledge of how the process works within JFL as an individual company, but also within recruitment generally, and the different aspects that have to be considered in this industry. I have learnt how to handle both clients and candidates on the phone which is a lesson I will have for the rest of my working career, wherever I end up.

I filled my week with learning how to write adverts from the job descriptions sent through by leading global companies, which has expanded my style of writing as well as my persona. I am now also able to work my way around the database used within the company, examining CVs and being able to distinguish between a good CV and a less clear CV, a skill that is very useful for me to know as I am in the process of putting together my own CV.  I also thoroughly enjoyed learning how JFL choose to present their company on social media and how they advertise jobs they are looking to recruit for, through picture adverts.  I was kept busy throughout the whole week with different tasks. I have to thank the JFL team for giving me the best first experience of the working world which I have really enjoyed, and also for helping me to see where I may end up in the future. I want to especially thank Poppy for putting up with me all week and talking me through everything! Thank you!    

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