If you're in PR, you need to think about SEO.

17 August 2016

You’ve done it – you’ve placed an article with a media outlet. PR box ticked, job done. Or is it?

Your mission is accomplished if, whilst doing your day-to-day PR job, you also thought about SEO.

A short definition: SEO is the process of making your website more relevant and valuable to search engines and your customers. Google and other search engines send out spiders to crawl the net, ranking pages in order of relevance to the end user. The aim is to have your website rank as highly as possible to gain more click throughs, and ultimately increase engagement or sales.  

But what does this have to do with PR?

Any PR material you place on external websites or social media platforms for your client or company has the power to boost your SEO ranking through inbound linking. If your company website physically appears as a hyperlink in your PR material, no matter where it is on the web, Google will look favourably on this. Links act as validation for your website, and your PageRank will improve. The more external links you can generate the better.

It is therefore crucial to make sure that any media outlet which agrees to place your feature or article also places a link back to your website, or the website of the company you are promoting. SEO and PR will then be working hand-in-hand. This also works across social media and with bloggers – use the relationships you’ve developed with key Instagram and Facebook influencers to earn those links and boost SEO.

On top of link building, even if your business name is simply mentioned by an influencer or on a media outlet, it can help to boost your SEO – your company is seen as more relevant to customers if people are talking about you. When your PR strategy increases brand recognition and engagement, your click through rate naturally increases, which will ultimately improve your rankings further.

So the next time you ring that journalist to pitch that story, make sure they include those vital links back to your website or product – you’ll be on page one of Google in no time.