Rogue Futures: JFL's Spring Event with Tiffany Arntson

27 April 2016

On Tuesday 26th April JFL opened its doors and welcomed guests to an inspiring talk from Tiffany Arntson, founder of Rogue Matters.

The aim of the evening was to encourage attendees to think and act beyond their limits, stepping outside the restrictions of their role in the workplace and challenging convention. Guests had their thinking caps at the ready, and were asked to consider their responses to three tough questions beforehand:

What was your proudest moment?

What was your biggest failure?

What was your hungriest ambition?

These points certainly got everyone talking, and produced a hugely varied response. Tiffany invigorated and captivated the audience with her creative approach, and we learned how to keep teams engaged, learning that encouraging an individual’s personal talents and attributes is the key to their happiness, and thus the company’s performance and success as a whole.

Tiffany talked us through her top tips for reinvigorating your team, which included:

Tiffany’s points were so relevant to today’s communications market, as professionals seek to stay ahead of the game and refuse to be pinned down by the expectations associated with their roles. As the PR and communications sector continues to grow and spread into the wider marketing and digital media remit, more is expected of people, so keeping them engaged and providing an atmosphere of excitement and change is highly important.

At the end of the event, Tiffany provided us with ‘Real Talk’ cards, which were created to shake-up conversations and encourage people to talk about real, meaty issues rather than drab conversations about work and the weather. The cards were an excellent idea, and provided an ideal opportunity for memorable networking after the talk.

The event had an excellent turnout, appealing to mid- and senior-level marketing and communications professionals, including managers, team leaders and independent consultants. JFL would like to thank everyone who attended, and we hope that you enjoyed your evening with us.

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