Q2 Predictions

22 April 2016

The first 3 months of 2016 have been a busy and confident time for the communications market – PR professionals have continued to reign supreme, with companies needing to move fast to secure their top hires. But what can we expect to be the top trends in the coming months?

Graduate candidates and positions

We are already seeing an influx of graduates and junior PR candidates into the market, and the next few months will see a surge as savvy would-be Account Executives and PR Assistants leave university and look for that dream role. Luckily for them our clients are making hires at the junior end, bolstering their teams with entry-level candidates who they can train and develop.

In-house companies investing in agency support

Companies are slowly investing more confidently in PR and communications agencies, instead of keeping their communications functions solely in-house. This in turn will lead to more confidence within agencies, with Account Directors and Associate Directors delaying their desire to move in-house as they are given the opportunity to work with exciting brands.

Investment in new offices

We are already seeing a trend in companies putting money into brand new offices, but this will continue in the next few months, as global brands move out from the peripheries of London and into town. For example, Amazon are now based in Holborn, whilst Trainline have moved to new offices in Shoreditch. This will not only inspire confidence in candidates, but also make it easier for companies to secure those top hires.

Employee engagement and flexible working

During the last quarter we saw a rise in the significance of employee engagement. Companies now understand the importance of offering their employees flexible working hours, location or responsibilities, and this will continue at a pace. Companies and agencies will strengthen their internal communications abilities with new hires; this is great news for people with this particular skillset.

New budget

The beginning of the new fiscal year will bring with it new budgets, and we have heard mention of a lot of activity in areas such as government relations and the public sector. Watch this space for new roles in these spheres!

Candidate movement

Professionals who have remained in their current position for a long time will begin to look for a new opportunity in the coming months. As confidence in the market continues to grow, and companies do more and more to attract the right talent, people who might otherwise have been cautious about making a move will look for a new challenge, capitalising on the fact that the candidate will remain King.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your relevant consultant if you’re looking for your next opportunity or planning a hire over the next quarter, or give us a call on 020 7009 3500 – we’d be delighted to help!