How to get rid of the graduate blues

4 December 2014

So you have recently graduated from University and now hold an amazing degree in something you absolutely loved doing for the past three or four years. What do you do now? Leave your ridiculously untidy yet strangely homely student flat and move back in with your parents. The next few weeks that follow will be a compilation of eating in front of the TV and on the odd occasion, applying for graduate jobs – you now realise that you have the ‘graduate blues’.

This blog will help you get over your blues and move on from student life – so forget your microwavable dinners, student nights out and meal deals and focus on what lies in front of you, your future. It may seem daunting, the aspect of having to pay bills, rent, council tax and on top of all of this, cook your own dinners, but fear not as these things are only tiny blips in your day-to-day life. Look at it this way, you are now completely free – you are no longer bound to a curriculum or dissertation deadline, you can now begin to explore things you are passionate or curious about, even if it is javelin catching, (which is actually a thing). Go outside and face the sunshine that you replaced with the Xbox and try something you have always wanted to do; yoga, painting, jogging, rock climbing, read a book. Trying new things will open up doors to things you never would have expected, perhaps it could lead you to a professional rock climbing career, you won’t know until you try.

Think about what you want to do in life; what career or lifestyle do you strive for? Focus on your personal goals, where you want to be in the next few months – sitting on your parents couch, eating last night’s dinner, watching the same episode of friends, or do you want a job that you can go to every morning where you can develop a sense of purpose. Reward yourself for your hard work at the end of every week and go to a West End show or catch the latest film release.

If finding a job is tougher than you had expected, keep an open mind and try everything that comes your way – some experience is better than no experience. Don’t get bogged down about not being able to find your dream job straight out of University, the reality is you’d need to try a range of jobs before you land that perfect role. Take part-time classes and improve your skills, take the necessary steps to get closer to your dream career.  

If you keep yourself motivated and focused on your goals, you will settle into that cosy career you have dreamt of since you were 8 years old. There will be days that you feel like nothing is working, but keep remembering the bigger picture, things always have a way of working out the way you wanted it to – even if it wasn’t the way you planned. 

Fransisca Smith